Qingdao – China

China is a great country with strong traditions and culture. This is the place in Asia, which you will be happy to visit and get a lot from it. Qingdao is a really beautiful city, which is situated on a peninsula in Yellow Sea.

This is one of the most important business and finances centers of China and even the whole of Asia. Maritime transport is well developed, due to the giant port of the city. In spite of this fact and industrialization did not hurt nature and Qingdao offers beautiful and clean beaches, which are preferred by many people, during the hot summer days. Definitely the city is visited by many tourists, who are attracted by the beautiful sea, sunny weather and a high standard of living, which Qingdao has. The beach is considered as the pearl of the Huiquan Bay, and the picturesque landscapes are making the beach impressive.

The clean and pure air and the beautiful seascapes are the perfect combinations that guarantee one unforgettable vacation in Qingdao. The transport network in the city of Qingdao is also well developed, which greatly facilitates the tourists.

One of the best sightseeing and tour destinations in the city is the Zhan Bridge, which has a length of 440 meters off the waters of Yellow Sea. This is a good way for walks and meetings with your friends. The bridge has illuminations in the shape of lotus light the way, during the nights, which make it even more beautiful. transit visa saudi arabia


Qingdao Chinese CityAnother very popular sightseeing of the city is May Fourth Square, where is a big monument of red circles called May Wind, which is highly visited by a lot of visitors every day. But definitely, the multi-million city has a lot of other beautiful tours destinations, which will make your visit to the city, because and attractive.

Definitely, the tourists should not miss the Eight Passes Villas, Plank Bridge, the Wusi Square, Zhongshan Park, and the aquarium.

The vacation in his city will meet you with the beautiful nature and the large and impressive industrialization of the city. Definitely, a simple proof for the big economic power of the city is the large Qingdao Haiwan Bridge, which has a length of 42.6 km and connects the city with Huangdao district. Definitely, the strong economic development of the city is supported by the large industrialization and commerce development of China.
The second largest economic power of the World really has big and amazing buildings, which are great interesting for the visitors.

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