Australia, its historical past and intriguing information

Australia, its historical past and interesting information

A brief history

Human beings are considered to have arrived in Australia concerning 40,000 years back from Southeast Asia. They are the first residents, known as aborigines and they have descendant still today. The population was around a million before the European settlement and today about 350,000 people live in Australia.The Dutch sighted Australia in the year 1606 while the British landed in 1688. However it was Captain James Cooks maiden voyage that claimed the territory for Great Britain. A British colony was established in 1788 with about 161,000 English convicts moved and settled there. Previous prisoners and free settlers set up six colonies which became states later on. In 1901 these colonies were federated to the Commonwealth of Australia and a constitution was introduced that incorporated the US federal traditions and also British parliamentary.

Some fascinating information about Australia

Australia is counted one of the most unique areas on earth. From the crazy Aussie laws, which might still exist, to the strange wild life, this continent is filled with strange and amazing things. Although you may have heard of a number of the Australia facts, you may find here something new. So here are some exciting facts about Australia

  • 1. About 80% of Australian creatures are unique – A few of the fascinating animals on earth can be found in Australia that includes marsupials, kangaroos, koalas, platypus, and a wide variety of birds. You could find them in zoos or parks and can spot them in the wild.
  • 2. The vast rock Uluru extends up to 2.5 km underground – Uluru is holy to the aboriginal tribes and it has been listed by UNESCO as a heritage site. Amazingly about 2.5 km of this rock is thought to be underground and linked to the Olgas which emerges 16 milesaway.
  • 3. More than 60 wine regions – Going to Australia and not trying wine may not be a good idea, but with such a wide range it will be hard to choose among them. There are lots of vineyards stretched over the continent and you can get to those locations to relish the exotic landscape.
  • 4. Largest eco-system in the world – The Great Barrier Reef is made up of about 2500 reefs which are noticeable from space. Diving and snorkeling among the turtles and colorful fishes are the primary highlights for a visit to Australia.
  • 5. More snow than Swiss Alps – While a lot of people check out Australia for brilliant beaches, skiing lovers go to the Australian Alps. Snowfall starts in June and continues till September which makes the area exquisite for skiing.
  • 6. Worlds largest sand island – The sandy shores are the spotlight of Fraser Island, so jump on a boat and explore the delights of this heaven. It great to find a dingo and this island has about 150 of them. Keep a safe distance since they are wild and aggressive.
  • 7. Worlds biggest war memorial – Picturesque and stunning views along the way will get you enthralled while driving on the Great Ocean Road. The street was built as a memorial by the soldiers returning to their land after World War – 1.

So these were a few of the interesting details of Australia and if you want to experience more of such amazing stuff, pack your bag and visit this great location.